Seven Bali Holidays


When it comes to things to do in Bali, you may immerse yourself in the culture, nature, art, and spirit of the island. The stunning beaches of Kuta, Nusa Dua, and Seminyak provide endless opportunities for swimming, surfing, and sunbathing, while the Ubud Cultural District is known for its scenic rice terraces. Away from the tourists, head to the north and east beaches, where waterfalls are waiting to be discovered. Dense forests, agricultural farms, and lush greenery fill the rolling highlands of Bali’s west coast. On the island, there are hundreds of historical sites that have stood the test of time. From the royal palace to the sanctuary, these fascinating locations provide a variety of Balinese scenery.

Bali Sightseeing Excursion

The top activities in Bali include some of the most recognizable landmarks and scenery on the island, as well as cultural gems not to be missed. In Bali’s eight regencies (formerly kingdoms), there are numerous temples, historical monuments, and natural beauty. This collection of Bali’s magnificent sights and activities will help you find the best attractions on the island, from the splendor of Bali to exotic cultural acts. Visit the towering “mother temple” and the spectacular royal water palace in the east, or travel to the lush inland of the island for scenic photo possibilities among the rice fields.

This tour immerses you in Bali’s natural beauty, culture, and history. The old royal temple Pura Taman Ayun, the Alas Kedaton Monkey Forest, and Bali’s most prominent sea temple, Tanah Lot, are among the places visited. The trip comes to a close just in time, with the silhouette of the temple set against the flowing waves of the Indian Ocean, creating an amazing sunset. During this tour, you will ride a long-distance bus into the countryside, then stop and walk through the magnificent terraces (about 300 meters). It’s grown in a traditional Balinese style, with coconut trees and tropical garden plants such as sweet potatoes and cassava. This journey will be the start of something new and amazing. You will drive to Mengwi Royal Temple-Pura Taman Ayun after leaving Gulingan Village. This lovely complex of buildings, which goes back to 1634, is surrounded by a moat and features the Meru Shrine, which has a multi-layered roof and wonderfully carved wooden doors. Then you’ll keep going. Hundreds of monkeys live in the sacred monkey forest, a grove of towering trees. The final visit is Tanah Lot Temple, often known as Bali’s Sunset Temple. View the sunset from the black lava tower of a 16th-century religious temple constructed on lava 200 meters offshore.

Taman Ayun Alas Kedaton Monkey Forest Tanah Lot



Barong Dance

Goa Gajah

Continue exploring for the rest of the day to experience Bali’s cultural and natural treasures. This journey includes visits to the beautiful center of Ubud, as well as the nearby hamlet of Celuk, which is home to renowned Bali goldsmiths and silversmiths, and a spectacular Barong dance performance in Batubulan. In the afternoon, continue driving north to see the beautiful Batur Crater Lake. On this full-day tour, learn about Bali’s rich cultural heritage and beautiful natural surroundings. Witness the fascinating and spectacular barong dance, visit a traditional artisan community, and gaze in awe at Mount Batur. Pick you up from your accommodation and take a scenic drive across the countryside of Bali. Stop by Batubulan Village, which is known for its stone carvings and statues. Watch the energetic Barong dance, a beautiful costume, traditional dance, and one-of-a-kind musical instrument in Balinese mythology. Then drive to Mas, a well-known wood carving village. View artisans transforming a single piece of wood into beautiful art, interact with pleasant villagers, and observe artisans transforming a simple piece of wood into great art.

After that, go to Goa Gajah (Elephant Cave), a UNESCO-listed cultural landmark where you may marvel at the magnificent sculptures of mythological creatures engraved into the cave entrance. Continue to Kintamani, where the stunning panoramic views of Mount Batur, an active volcano, and its surroundings will enchant you. Visit Ubud, Bali’s main center for fine arts, dancing, and music, to get a glimpse of the island’s cultural heritage. Take a tour of Celuk, which is noted for its beautiful gold and silver embellishments, before returning to your accommodation. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to purchase stunning handcrafted bracelets, rings, necklaces, and other mementos.

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This trip takes you to the Ayung River, where you can enjoy some thrilling Class III whitewater rafting. It’s a day adventure that combines breathtaking highland views with a rush of adrenaline. Between hard obstacles and thrilling sections of the river, you’ll paddle with a knowledgeable guide amid lazy pools and waterfalls. Following the ride, a delectable buffet lunch with a view of the valley is served.
Many other options of adventure and relaxation activities are available in this paradise island, keep digging to find more activities. 

Dinner Cruise at Sunset

Take a leisurely trip on the Bali’s luxury cruise, which cruises through the calm waters off the coast of Bali. You’ll be served a scrumptious supper while watching the serene landscape as the sun sets over the distant port. To complement your meal, a lively cabaret, live music, and a small disco are available on the lower deck

Travel to Bali’s remote eastern region on a private exploration excursion. A visit to Besakih, Bali’s grand’mother temple’ on the slopes of Mount Agung, a stop at a local plantation to learn about a wide variety of exotic tropical fruits and spices, and an after-lunch stop at Tenganan, one of the island’s best-preserved traditional villages are all included in this 1-day tour.

Bali’s Private east Coast

This high-speed ocean excursion off Bali’s southern peninsula lets you to get up up and personal with native Risso’s dolphins. The excursion begins early in the morning and ends shortly after sunrise with stunning seascapes. Then your amazing encounters with dolphins begin out at sea, when they breach the surface in pods.

On the most popular of the three Nusa Islands in Bali’s southeast, onboard activities include a whirlpool spa and a waterslide that plunges right into the sea. Other activities include sea kayaking, banana boat excursions, snorkeling, and “water walks” with special oxygen-fed helmets. A lunch buffet is available on board.

This adventure takes adrenaline junkies to the Payangan rainforests in central Bali, where visitors may ride special quad bikes or buggies through muddy rice fields. It’s excellent if you want a mix of high-octane thrills and breathtaking scenery. After that, cool off with a rafting experience down the Siap River in an inflatable tube

This show takes you on a fascinating 90-minute journey through the Indonesian archipelago’s civilizations, showcasing the diversity of the islands from Bali to Sumatra, Borneo to Papua. Beautiful lighting and graphics, intricately created stage props, and well-rehearsed dance choreography add to the show’s fascinating theme of adventure and discovery. The dancers, who are clothed in stunning costumes, combine traditional and hip hop methods in their performance


Our Bali travel guide can help you learn more about the island before you go. Bali is one of Southeast Asia’s most popular tourist destinations, with dozens of temples and shrines, traditional markets, breathtaking natural landscapes, and vibrant culture to discover. It’s crucial to pay attention to the indigenous way of life because this mostly Hindu island has numerous unique traditions and events that aren’t found anywhere else.
Please go through our Bali Information section to help you plan your itinerary, from the ideal time to visit to transportation alternatives from Ngurah Rai International Airport to the hotel. After all, there is little doubt that the greatest and safest travel is informed travel

Do's and

Dont's during your holiday in Bali

The following list has been compiled to help you make the most memorable of your stay in Bali. If you have any further concerns that are not mentioned here, please do not hesitate to contact us via E-mail with any questions or queries that you may have


  1. Respect local customs and traditions, especially when visiting temples.
  2. Respect the local and be very patient if your car trapped behind a slow pace of local procession.
  3. Avoid stepping on the offerings in the streets, simply just walk around them.
  4. Leave important documents and papers safety in your hotel room and always keep eyes on your belongings.
  5. Drink only bottled water, distilled or mineral water. You may purchase bottled mineral water available in local stores around you.
  6. Confirm your flight at least 48 hours prior to your next flight.
  7. Make your financial transactions only in banks or authorized money changer. Always remember to ask for a receipt after a transaction.
  8. Do be careful with local pets or animals you find in local tourism spot. The dog might steal your bags.


  1. Don’t enter a temple during menstruation
  2. Don’t wear improper clothing while visiting a temple
  3. Don’t walk in front of people who are praying.
  4. On beach, do not attempt to swim outside the designated areas. Please notice the red and yellow flags.
  5. Don’t buy illegal stuffs such as : drugs, items made from corals or shells and items made from endangered animal.
  6. Don’t hire vehicles without full insurance.
  7. Don’t use your camera’s flash light while taking pictures in front of the priest or people praying in the temple.
  8. Don’t stand or sit in higher position than the offerings or the priest while visiting temple.