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Bajra Sandi Museum and Monument

The library of Balinese history

The Bajra Sandhi Monument commemorates the Balinese people's battle for independence from Dutch colonialism.

The King of Badung is practically a sitting target in the depiction of the 1906 fight with the Dutch. To get a 360-degree perspective, climb the spiral stairs to the summit.

The monument, with its enormous structure that mimics a Balinese Hindu priest's praying bell, or 'bajra,' is in the heart of Denpasar town.

The Bajra Sandhi Monument has a rectangular shape and is built according to the "Tri Mandala" architectural principles, which means "three (3)" and "region."

  1. Utama Mandala, the monument's main structure in the center.
  2. The Madya Mandala, which surrounds the Utama Mandala, is an inner courtyard.
  3. The Nista Mandala, which surrounds the Madya Mandala, is an outside courtyard.

History Behind the Monument
The Bajra Sandhi Monument, which was built in 1987 and officially opened in 2003, is made up of 33 dioramas depicting the journey history of Bali Island from prehistory (300.000 S.M.) when human beings were still going about and very dependent on nature until the period of independence (1950-1975) when Bali Island was built in all areas such as politics, economics, and social and cultural life.

Knowing and comprehending the trip history, soul, and spirit of Bali People, who struggle from time to time, it is believed that the spirit and cultural would tighten, resulting in a rise in Bali tourism. The significance of Hinduism philosophy, specifically Yoni colossus, is strongly linked to the presence of physical structures. The monument is most likely a colossus device, with the building's foundation being yoni.

On the other hand, the Yoni colossus is also recounting the story of Ksirarnawa's twiddling Mandhara Giri, which is based on a passage from the Adi Parwa (Hindu's Book).

The monument is based on two ideologies. With images of yoni, a feminine emblem for regeneration and the process of creation, the first linkages to Hinduism.

The second retells the narrative of Mandara Giri Mountain from the Mahabharata's first chapter, Ksirarnawa (milky ocean).
The legend tells of gods and giants collaborating to "twist" Mount Mandara in the Ksirarnawa in order to retrieve the holy Water of Eternity (Tirta Amerta).

The date the Japanese surrendered, August 17, 1945, is represented by other symbols at the monument. These include the 17 major gates, eight pillars, and the monument's height of 45 meters (148 feet).

To access the room with a 360-degree outlook, climb the stairs to the top of the tower. In the exhibition room, admire the changing exhibits, which frequently feature photography and paintings.

I AM Bali 3D Museum in Bajra Sandhi Monument
A museum on the base houses historical dioramas depicting the people's previous struggle for independence.

Inside, there are three levels. The ground floor displays traditional Balinese architectural characteristics, while the second floor houses the majority of the diagrams and dioramas depicting the Balinese people's pre-history and history.
The top floor offers panoramic views of the green square and the rest of Denpasar's cityscape.
The ground level was most recently transformed into the IAM Bali Interactive 3D trick art museum venue in August 2016, which is lots of interesting murals that make for wonderful photo opportunities.
I AM Bali - 3D Painting (Interactive Art Museum Bali) 3D Museum Bali is the most complete and largest "Interactive Art" entertainment facility in Bali, located in Denpasar City.

I AM Bali, located on the ground floor of the Bajra Sandhi Monument, offers a variety of rides for visitors of all ages, including 102 3-dimensional artworks, 5 optical illusions, and 5 special rooms (flying class, spider gym, magical board, hobbit house and haunted house).

The paintings' themes are engaging, imaginative, and educational about Balinese culture, such as Ogoh-ogoh (a Balinese people's parade before Silent Day) and Balinese people's habits, such as "metajen" (cockfight).

There are also paintings of Borobudur's temple and Komodo paintings, which are uncommon animals. Cartoons have also become a popular motif in the IAM BALI 3D Museum Bali, as children like seeing and photographing them.

The museum's preparation incorporates 21 painters, including Bog-Bog, a well-known cartoonist.

Optical Illusion - An optical illusion occurs when our perception of reality differs from reality. At the IAM BALI 3D Museum in Bali, you may see a variety of interesting optical illusions that will make you wonder what the true painting is.

There are artists' streaks that make up Albert Enstein's face in reverse, as well as the paintings that always accompany you everywhere you go.
Special Effect Room - In addition to the 3D Museum Bali, the Special Room at I AM Bali 3D Museum Bali offers the thrill of a new experience when shooting photographs.

The topic of the classroom was raised by a Flying class with the concept of upside down. You'll be able to reminisce about the classroom setting, and you'll undoubtedly take some interesting photographs.

Also accessible is a Spider Gym with an Up Side Down 90 degree theme that will make you want to snap images not only for sports but also as if you were lifting the existing Gym tool. Then there's the Hobbit House.

The finish of the Hobbit House will create the sensation of an illusion and a new experience. You and your companions can find them on the optical illusions as giants and dwarfs, respectively.

A Magical Board is also included. Please take pictures in the Magical Board with an anti-gravity effect. The Haunted House is the final special room. UV art presented in a particular room will create a frightening impression in the UV room.
Exploring Balinese monument and others destination in capital of Bali by following the Tour of Denpasar city tour.

The Utama Mandala, the primary structure, is three stories high. Administrative offices, a library, and exhibition halls are located on the ground level of Nistaning Utama Mandala. We're going to go into everything there is to know about Bajra Sandhi Monument. The Puser Tasik Lake is located in the center of the ground level. The first floor, Madyaning Utama Mandala, has 33 dioramas similar to those seen at Jakarta's National Monument, but with a focus on the Balinese people's sufferings. The dioramas depict events in Balinese history such as the Balinese kingdom, Hinduism's arrival, the Majapahit era, Dutch colonialism, and the struggle for freedom.
A meditation place on the second floor offers a panoramic view of Denpasar. The goal of the Bajra Sandhi Monument is to dedicate the soul and spirit of the Balinese people's struggle, as well as to dig, maintain, develop, and conserve Balinese traditions to bequeath to future generations as a capital to move forward and walk a world full with challenges and hurdles.

Open : 090.00 am - 06.00 pm

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