Bloom Garden

Beautiful Garden with world's iconic landmark miniature

The Blooms Garden Ulun Danu Bedugul, a lovely flower garden, has become the newest tourist destination on the island of Bali. In mid-June 2019, this tourist attraction had only a soft opening. This park is situated near Beratan Lake Bedugul in a strategic location. This floral garden is well-planned and attractively designed, and it is situated in the mountains' highlands, so it is always cold and refreshing.

With the goddess Saraswati statue in the midst of The Blooms Garden Bedugul flower garden, and the green hill background, this perfectly constructed garden blends wonderfully. Selfie places abound in the Blooms Garden area, including the love gate, Dutch windmill building, peacock spot, and many more. ATVs, swings, and spiritual tourism will all be available at the Blooms Garden Bedugul.

Open : 08.30 am - 06.30 pm

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