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Danau Batur ( Lake Batur )

not only the largest but also the most popular of all the lakes on Bali Island

Lake Batur is not only the largest but also the most popular of all the lakes on Bali Island. It is situated at the foot of Mount Batur, which bears the same name. When viewed from above, the lake has a crescent form. From a distance, the entire Batur area appears to be a big crater with a mountain and a lake inside.

A sequence of eruptions began around 23,000 BC, forming this massive caldera. Before the eruption, the original Mount Batur was said to be roughly 4.000 meters above sea level. Mount Batur is now only 1717 meters above sea level, having shrunk dramatically in height.

Old Batur's collapsed magma chamber was then filled with rainwater, resulting in Lake Batur. Unlike most of south Bali, this location has a cool alpine climate. Here at Kintamani, there isn't a hint of modernity. Everything here is pretty much nature, with the exception of a few eateries facing the lake.

Trekking and dawn hunting on Mount Batur are two of the most popular activities for visitors to try while in the area. Around the Batur beach, there are various historic communities that have thrived for generations. Trunyan Village, in particular, is recognized for its peculiar method of burying the dead.
Try on day tour titled Kintamani - Tegenungan beautiful nature's gift to explore this amazing landscape of Bali, in addition tegenungan waterfall and others destination will comply your free leisure day.

Landscape of Lake Batur Make a pit stop at the Kintamani viewpoint before heading down to the lake. It's right before the U-turn that leads to Lake Batur. Take a few moments here to take in the entire mountain and lake scenery. A big body of water encircled by a number of mountain peaks.
On the other side, Mount Batur and Mount Abang. The colors are just stunning. The slope is a stunning contrast of beautiful blue water and dark volcanic sand. The hill is green, and the farmer's crop is green. In one of the cafes on Penelokan Street, sit, relax, and take in the scenery. In general, all of the cafes on Penelokan Street have the same view. The lake and Mount Batur. On a bright sunny day, the outside sitting area is the ideal site to enjoy Kintamani coffee, which is made locally.
Riding a Boat Exploring the lake by boat is a fantastic way to do so. As the driver leads guests to the ideal place around the lake, he dips his fingers into the frigid water. Many fishing nets and rims can be found all around the lakes. As the residents of Batur are fish farmers, it is their livelihood. Tourists can also see various water temples around the lake by boat. Jati Batur temple, Segara Ulun Danu Batur temple, and Ulun Danu Bangli are only a few examples.
Terunyan Cemetery & Terunyan Village A boat journey could also take travelers to the old village of Terunyan, which is home to the Bali indigenous community. On the other side of the lake, on Mount Abang's side, dwell the Bali Aga or Bali Mula people. They have kept their own culture and dialect. They also take pride in being Bali's first settlers. Terunyan Cemetery is located in Terunyan, Kintamani. Kintamani residents recently buried the deceased in Terunyan Cemetery. Terunyan's most odd ceremony is the way they treat the dead. Pay a visit to the well-known Terunyan cemetery to see how bodies are spread out above ground rather than buried. What's surprising is that the bodies have no odor. The ancient banyan trees in this area, known as "taru menyan," are thought to absorb the odor of decomposing remains.
Batur Hot Springs Natural Three pools of hot water facing Lake Batur make up Hot Spring. It's a good area to cool off after a hike up Mount Batur. While the hot water relaxes your aching limbs. The view of Lake Batur and the nearby volcanoes is breathtaking. Choose a spot at the infinity pool closest to the lake to enjoy this view.
Lakeside Restaurants This location is known for its freshwater fish. It would be a pity to depart without sampling at least one of the Lake Batur fish dishes. To dine with the best view of Batur, choose a restaurant with lakeside tables. In terms of food, grilled fish and warm rice are a fantastic place to start. Buffets are available at many eateries. Enjoy up to 15 servings in one visit for only Rp80.000 - that's a great value.
Temple of Segara Ulun Danu Batur Pura Segara Batur, not to be confused with Lake Beratan's Ulun Danu Temple, is Lake Batur's water temple. The temple is a tiny complex with only one pagoda, Meru. However, while it is much calmer, it still offers the same wonderful vista as Beratan, as well as a serene ambiance.Take a stroll around the area. And take note of how sacred and quiet the ambiance is here, with the lake and mountains adding to the overall effect.
What Is The Best Way To Get To Lake Batur? The journey from Denpasar to Bangli's Batur viewpoint takes about three hours. It takes another half-hour to drive down the twisting route to the seaside villages. To go about the area, many tourists rent a car, which costs between Rp500.000 and Rp700.000 per day. A motorcycle is more flexible and less expensive. Day rent ranged from Rp50.000 to Rp70.000. However, drive cautiously because the route is congested, especially with visitors buses. There are a few options. The Kuta – Ngurah Rai Bypass – Ubud – Tampaksiring – Kintamani route is the most popular.

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