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Melasti Beach

Amazing Limestone Bordered Beach

Melasti Beach Ungasan Bali is one of the newest white sand beach attractions in Bali, located in the southern portion of the island and popular with international tourists. Previously, Melasti Beach in Ungasan, Bali, was under construction. For example, road construction and the establishment of beach resort support infrastructure. The construction process, on the other hand, is now complete. As a result, guests will find the Melasti beach in Ungasan to be very convenient.

There are numerous white sand beaches in the southern Bali tourism sector. Kuta Beach in Bali and Petitenget Beach in Seminyak Bali are two well-known white sand beaches in the south of the island.

In addition, numerous white sand beaches in southern Bali are not yet well-known. The region is still concealed and difficult to access by motorized vehicles due to some of the white sand beaches in south Bali.

Penyekjekan Kutuh beach, similar to Pandawa beach Bali, was previously a secluded white sand beach in Bali. However, with the development of a road that can be crossed by cars travelling to the Pandawa beach Kutuh by cutting through the stone hill, the Pandawa Kutuh beach has become one of Bali's most popular beach destinations. Indonesian, Chinese, Indian, and Hong Kong tourists, in particular.

The Pandawa beach in Kutuh is filled almost every day with tourists. Road access to the Pandawa beach is quite congested, especially during the holiday season in Bali.

Competitor of Pandawa Beach
To supplement white sand beach attractions with other vacation options, such as the Bali Pandawa beach, which offers beauty and individuality. A cliff-splitting access road to secret beaches in southern Bali, such as Melasti Beach in Ungasan, was created once more. Melasti beach in Ungasan was originally known as one of Bali's "secret" beaches. Because the shore was hidden by a colossal limestone cliff. Visitors must descend and climb hundreds of stairs to reach the beach shore area of Melasti Beach in Ungasan before there was an asphalt road that cut through the limestone hills like there is today. This is due to the beach's remote location, which makes the Bali Melasti Beach in Ungasan area unknown to many tourists.
Point of interests
These are some of the concerns that some of you may have. What is the major point of attraction that attracts people to Melasti Beach in Ungasan while on vacation in Bali? I'd like to ask you a question to make this question easier to answer! Have you ever been to Bali's Pandawa Beach? If so, the beach's major attraction is nearly identical to Pandawa Beach in Bali.
Road to the beach
The main attraction at Melasti Beach Bali in Ungasan is the route that leads to the beach. To get to the beach, you must travel over a winding offshoot path that runs above the cliffs of white limestone. The beach access routes are surrounded by a white granite bluff. It looks like the cliff you passed on your way to Pandawa Beach Kutuh Bali. The road leading to Melasti Beach Bali in Ungasan is currently asphalted. As a result, cars may simply travel across the walkway to the shore.
Pre-wedding photoshoot Romantical Spot
The Melasti Beach Ungasan spectacular panorama may be seen when driving through the road above the cliffs. As a result, many engaged couples choose a limestone cliff path road leading to the beach as a pre-wedding photo venue, with the cliff or the Indian Ocean as a backdrop. A pre-wedding location fee is charged to the pre-wedding couple in order to take a pre-wedding picture session at Melasti beach Ungasan. The couple and the photography crew can utilize specialist facilities, such as the cosmetics room and its bathroom, by paying for the pre-wedding photoshoot location cost.
Interesting things to do
Melasti Beach in Ungasan, on the Bukit Peninsula, has pristine white sand with a thin sand texture similar to Pandawa Beach in Kutuh. However, the beach is not as large as Pandawa Beach. Melasti beach on the Bukit Peninsula Ungasan has the longest beach shore, while the eastern side of the beach is narrow. The majority of tourists' activities on the Beach include sitting on the sand's edge. There are still a lot of little crabs and white corals on the sand's surface.
Swimming and Snorkling
The water waves on the Beach beachfront are not too large, making swimming ideal. If you enjoy snorkeling, don't forget to bring your equipment because the seawater is crystal pure and the underwater scenery is breathtaking. Don't forget to bring your swimsuits, soap, shampoo, and towels. Is Melasti Beach in Ungasan Bali suitable for surfing? I'm not a surfer, so I ask a member of the crew. Beginner surfers will like the beach wave, while advanced surfers would prefer Green Bowl Beach.
Serenity Sunset
If you want to observe the sunset, Melasti Beach Ungasan is not the best place to go. Due to its beach location on the island of Bali's south side. As a result, you can see the Melasti beach sunset if the sun is leaning to the south.

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