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Taman Ayun Temple ( Pura Taman Ayun )

A historical Balinese Temple and Garden Complex

Taman Ayun is a significant temple and landmark in Mengwi, 17 kilometers northwest of Denpasar. The temple complex is recognized for its beautiful traditional architectural characteristics that can be found throughout the courtyards and enclosures. The temple also boasts lovely lotus-filled fish ponds and extensive grounds.
Taman Ayun means 'beautiful garden' in English. This palatial complex is a fantastic spot to marvel at early Balinese architecture as well as picture what life was like for Balinese royals within palace walls in the past. For example, there are large pools where royal maids used to paddle around in little canoes.
The moss-lined walls and jade algae-filled water add to the rustic attractiveness of the entire panorama of this centuries-old temple complex, even if the royal pools are far from what may be envisioned during its days of glory.
Tjokorda Sakti Blambangan, the Mengwi kingdom's monarch at the time, built the temple in 1634. It was designed in the style of Chinese architecture and underwent a major repair project in 1937. The temple shrines' towering tiers make up the majority of Taman Ayun's profile, expressing the people of Mengwi's devotion for their deified nobles. The temple is known as Mengwi's "mother temple."
The Mengwi people were supposed to use the Taman Ayun Temple as their main place of devotion instead of traveling long distances to larger temples like Besakih in East Bali, Batukaru in Tabanan, or Batur in Kintamani. It also functioned as a unifying emblem for the Mengwi people and royalty.

Taman Ayun Temple's several sections
The Taman Ayun Temple complex is divided into four sections, each of which is more important than the one before it. The first is known as the 'Jaba,' or outer division, and is only accessible by a single entrance and a walkway across the ponds. Inside, there's a modest guardian shrine and, to the right, a big wantilan hall where communal meetings take place. Spouts jut up and out to the cardinal directions from a towering fountain here. Pura Luhuring Purnama, a tiny temple compound, is located in the next court. The terraces on the second and third levels are slightly higher than the first. To enter, you must pass through a second gate, where you will be greeted by a shelter called Bale Pengubengan, which has ornamental features symbolizing Dewata Nawa Sanga, or the nine Hindu gods who defend the compass points. A modest temple called Pura Dalem Bekak is located to the east of this court, while the Bale Kulkul, an 8-meter-high wooden bell tower, is located to the west. A climb up will uncover two rectangular wooden bells hanging from the rafters, as well as a high and breathtaking view of the entire complex. The Utama Mandala, the fourth and final court, is regarded the most sacred. Only during rituals is the exquisitely carved center gate open, serving as the entranceway for consecrated treasures and other ceremonial paraphernalia. A daily access gate is located to the east. The temple's skyline is made up of several tiers with various forms and sizes.
It's interesting to learn about Taman Ayun Temple.
The cliff-perched Uluwatu Temple on the island's southern peninsula has the same anniversary day as Taman Ayun Temple. Every 'Kliwon Medangsia' Tuesday on the 210-day Balinese Pawukon calendar, devotees come to pray at all hours of the day and night. Bale Loji is a pavilion located north of the bell tower. This is where priests and ceremonial attendants used to make preparations or take a rest in the past. Nowadays, you can usually find artists here working on their most recent works of art, which are usually for sale. The temple is directly across the street from the Manusa Yadnya Museum. The museum is an excellent resource for learning about Balinese rites of passage and rituals.

Open : Daily, 08.00 am - 06.00 pm

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