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Diver Paradise in Coastal Village

Tulamben is a small, rural coastal village in East Bali well known for the USAT Liberty shipwreck, one of Bali's most popular diving destinations. With overland terrain that is rocky and slightly arid, the hamlet has a laid-back vibe. In Balinese, the word 'rock-strewn' loosely translates to 'rock-strewn'. Rather from having sandy beaches, Tulamben's whole shoreline is pebbly.
Fishing and maritime tourism provide a living for the majority of Tulamben inhabitants. Tulamben makes up for its lack of terrestrial attractions with its breathtaking underwater scenery. Even so, you can still have a good day while admiring the peaceful seascapes from the beach.

What to see and do in Tulamben
The major attraction of Tulamben is diving. It's a great place for beginners to try their first open water dive. Snorkeling is also fantastic here, thanks to the excellent clarity and plenty of schooling fish. The wreck of the USAT Liberty is about 30 meters from the shore. Although guides can take you around the wreck, you can generally go beyond the site, such as to a drop-off with incredible coral gardens alive with colorful marine life. Another spectacular wreck dive in Tulamben is the Boga shipwreck. It's newer than the Liberty wreck, and it's surrounded by unusual sunken treasures. There are statues and a classic Volkswagen 181 close to the cargo hatch on the ship. The magnificent reef may be found right off the Matahari Tulamben Resort Dive & Spa's coastline. In the past, the resort sank a variety of strange relics, including Hindu god statues and Buddha statues, at depths ranging from 9 to 17 meters. Moreover than diving, you can visit the fishing village or simply relax on the uncrowded pebbly beach with palm trees. The Rumah Pohon Batu Dawa is a private compound that is worth visiting. It has a large selection of entertaining bamboo tree houses. On-site, there's also a mini-Borobudur-style structure, as well as a number of wooden suspension bridges that connect the various structures. You can walk about and take in the panoramic views of Tulamben's hills.
What are the best places to stay in Tulamben?
The majority of Tulamben's hotels are dive resorts. They're ideal for getaways and come equipped with everything you'll need for your diving adventures. Some diving resorts have views of some of the best dive spots in the vicinity. Some are right on the shore, where the USS Liberty is submerged not far below the waters. There are also resorts that have created their own appealing dive spots. These include everything from underwater gardens to man-made reefs right off the beach. Tauch Terminal Tulamben, Matahari Tulamben Resort, Bali Dive Resort and Spa, Tulamben Dive Resort, and Toya Bali are all excellent places to stay. Non-divers may also find Tulamben hotels to be a convenient base for visiting East Bali. Rooms with fans or air conditioning and toilets are available in budget hotels.
Tulamben dining establishments
The majority of Tulamben's dining establishments are inexpensive, and fine-dining restaurants are few and far between. The best restaurants are affiliated to diving resorts, with menus that emphasize on healthful food to refuel divers after a long day at sea. Outside of the hotels, there are a number of restaurants worth visiting. The hamlet lanes are lined with roadside warungs or food vendors. They sell everything from delicious local favorites like nasi goreng fried rice to handcrafted traditional pastries, snacks, and coffee. Local restaurants providing grilled fish and satays may be found over the hills. These delectable delights are presented with breathtaking views of the Tulamben shore. Around the coast, there are also restaurants that provide western cuisine.
How to get to and around Tulamben
Tulamben is around a 3-hour drive from Kuta and a half-hour drive north of Amed, a nearby dive destination. Many dive resorts and shops in Tulamben offer transportation around the area and between dive spots. There are no taxis in this region because it is so remote. Motorcycle rentals, owned by locals, are available if you prefer to explore the area on your own. Wear protective clothing and a helmet to be extra safe.

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