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Virgin Beach Perasi

Swimming, Relax, and Snorkeling at the virgin white sandy virgin beach

If you're seeking for a less crowded beach, Perasi beach Karangasem is one of the best-kept secrets in East Bali. Perasi Karangasem of Virgin Beach spends a lot of time in travel guidebooks. Only a few people, though, want to have to go there.
You may be asking why, despite its lovely white sand beach, Perasi Beach Karangasem attracts so few visitors. The main reason is because Perasi Beach Karangasem is positioned far away from a popular tourist site in Bali, which is usually found in the south. Kuta Beach, Uluwatu Temple, Sanur Beach, Nusa Dua, Tanjung Benoa, Jimbaran, Kintamani, and Bedugul are all popular tourist destinations in Bali.
For a first-time visitor, finding the location of Perasi beach in Bali can be difficult. It will be difficult to obtain the post. As a result, this beach does not become overly crowded with visitors.
If you're visiting east Bali and want to relax on a less busy beach while snorkeling, this is the place to go. Then Virgin Beach Karangasem is a fantastic beach to visit.

Interesting Point
Perasi beach sand isn't completely white; it's closer to white than yellow and blends in with black sand. Perasi beach, on the other hand, is well-known for its white sand beach, but that is irrelevant. Cleanliness, lovely environment, and clear saltwater are still available at Virgin Beach Bali. At Virgin Beach Bali, there are numerous little cafés that serve wonderful meals at reasonable prices. Not only will you be able to see the beach and cafe, but you will also be able to see the traditional Balinese boat that local anglers use. When the weather is clear and you visit Virgin Beach Bali. You will be able to glimpse dazzling blue saltwater that will excite your senses and is ideal for swimming. As a result, we propose that you visit Virgin Beach as one of the outdoor attractions in Bali during your vacation in east Bali.
Location Virgin Beach Perasi Karangasem
Furthermore, Candidasa Karangasem Bali is adjacent to Virgin Beach Bali. As a result, you must travel north from Candidasa Karangasem, which will take around 20 minutes. Between Jasri village and Bugbug village Karangasem is the road access to Perasi beach Bali. From the Kuta beach region, it takes 2 hours to drive to Perasi white sand beach in Bali. Please utilize the Google map below to make finding Virgin Beach more convenient for you!
What Is The Best Way To Get To The Location?
There is no public transportation available to reach the white sand beach of Perasi in Bali. Most tourist areas in Bali need you to hire a car or rent a bike. If you are comfortable riding a scooter in Bali, Google will help you locate a scooter rental provider. Scooter rentals in Bali cost roughly IDR 100,000 for 24 hours. You can hire a self-drive automobile in Bali if you want to drive a Bali car. Self-drive automobile rentals in Bali typically cost around IDR 300,000 for 24 hours. However, finding a self-drive car rental in Bali can be difficult. Please keep in mind that you will require an international driving license to ride a scooter or drive a car in Bali. Your home country can issue you with an international driver's license. You can hire a car with a Bali driver if you find it difficult to obtain a global driver's license or if you don't want to bother with self-driving a car.
Perasi Karangasem Virgin Beach Entrance Fee
Some Bali beach attractions require visitors to pay an admission fee, while others do not. Is there an entrance fee to Virgin Beach Perasi Karangasem? Yes, there is an entrance fee of IDR 10,000 per person for Virgin Beach Perasi Karangasem. From the automobile parking lot, it takes around 5 minutes to walk to the beach shoreline.
At Perasi Beach in Bali, there are a variety of things to do.
Swimming and snorkeling are the best activities to undertake at Perasi Beach Bali. You may rent snorkeling equipment here, so unless you already have one, you won't need to bring your own. A natural environment, such as the sea, can be turbulent at times, so you must exercise extreme caution, especially if you are traveling with children. In front of the modest cafe, Virgin Beach Bali also provides deck chairs and umbrellas. Again, if you wish to utilize it, inquire with the restaurant's employees. The majority of visitors to Perasi Beach, Bali, want to enjoy a Balinese massage. On the beach, there are many local masseurs that offer inexpensive massages.

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